It is the smiles of the riders...

As a Reins of Life volunteer I have watched the children and young adults in the program develop in many amazing ways. Self-assurance, strength, knowledge, lots of laughter and smiles, are the results from the program I have seen with my own eyes. I truly enjoy being around the horses and our wonderful volunteers and staff, but it is the smiles of the riders and the pure joy they share that keeps bringing me back year after year. I always fight back tears when I think about this program!

Colin has made significant social and verbal gains...

For a child diagnosed with low tone and poor body strength Colin's physical therapists are consistently surprised with his strong "core" body strength, they have all attributed directly to the horseback riding. Colin has made significant social and verbal gains through his involvement with ROL. Colin was almost completely non-verbal when he began the program, and after nearly 4 seasons, Colin continues to enjoy riding tremendously. We are grateful for all of the Reins of Life staff and volunteers' kindness, understanding, and hard work.

Reins of Life staff is extremely attentive and understanding...

Through Reins of Life, Colton has increased his confidence and reciprocal conversational skills. He has learned to communicate verbally and physically with his horse, learning to focus on something outside of himself, an important step for people with autism. The Reins of Life staff is extremely attentive and understanding of our son's needs. I highly recommend Reins of Life's therapeutic riding program. My recommendation comes as a parent and as a Special Education Teacher. We're very fortunate to have Reins of Life in our area to aid in Colton's growth.

Volunteer with Our Special Equestrians

Volunteering with Reins of Life has been an incredible experience. I have fallen in love with these kids, and am certain that in the end I am gaining more from them than they are from the program. When you see the looks on their faces when they get on their horse and begin to walk or trot, you'll understand. There is nothing better than being a part of that process.


Our greatest reward has been the smile...

Through Reins of Life, Jennifer has competed at the Pennsylvania Special Olympics on two occasions and twice entered the Devon Horse Show Handicapped Riders Event. Although she has been blessed to win honors at each of these competitions, our greatest reward has been the irresistible smile that spreads across her face each time she sits atop her equine friends. We are thankful to those who have contributed funds to this tremendous organization and we can assure you that any gift made to Reins of Life will become a treasure for a special needs child.

Riding has improved Kathleen's posture...

Riding has physically improved Kathleen's posture, and strengthened her muscles as it teaches her to sit up tall in the saddle as well as to stand tall. Her communication skills improved, as she loves to talk to the instructors and volunteers. In the last year she has finally gotten the knack of posting during a trot, an accomplishment that makes her feel very proud.

No words describe the gratification...

As a volunteer for Reins of Life, I have found it very rewarding in many ways. I have always been an avid believer in volunteering, having been employed with non-profit organizations in the past. Organizations like Reins of Life could not exist without the hard work and love that come from the volunteers. There are no words to describe the gratification that I receive after a day spent with these special children and horses.

Derrick's self confidence has soared as a result...

Derrick's self confidence has soared as a result of riding at Reins of Life. He's proud of himself for what a great job he does during his riding sessions; we even noticed his confidence has carried over into his everyday life. Derrick mentioned that some day maybe he can find a career that involved working with horses. This has been something that he had been feeling apprehensive about as the topic had come up in school. I was happy to see how relieved he was to have found a potential career path. He's come so far in a very short period of time. We all feel very fortunate that there is a program out there like Reins of Life.

What makes Reins of Life Unique for Equine Therapy?

  • Reins of Life launched its therapeutic riding program in 1993, becoming one of the first of its kind in Chester County.
  • Our Chester County program exclusively serves children and adults with special needs as well as life challenges.
  • Our special equestrians never age-out of our riding program.
  • Reins of Life reached a significant milestone in it's organization acquiring our "forever home" in Landenberg, PA.
  • Our property borders 3 states within 10 minutes of each other... PA, MD, DE
  • Reins of Life offers a "Sibling Riding" program
  • Celebrating 25 years